Teresa, Mandolin 1

1. What year did you join SDMO?
I joined the SDMO in 1982!!

2. Why? We were on a family outing at Seaport Village on a Sunday afternoon with our 4 young children when I suddenly heard mandolin music!  I was stunned!!  I followed the sound and, lo and behold, there was a mandolin orchestra in the white gazebo!!  The players were all dressed up – women in BEAUTIFUL long skirts, (old world Italian looking skirts), and men in …?  I don’t remember.  I was MESMERIZED by the music!!!  It took me back to my childhood at home in my Italian family and community.  The orchestra then took a break and the players came out of the gazebo.  I went up to an older Italian woman and told her how much I LOVED it!! 

I told her that I played mandolin as a child but had forgotten it all.  She said, “Just come and play one note in each measure and you soon get it.”  I said “I think I even forgot how to read music.”  She said, “Just come!!”

She was to become my dear friend, Rose Malanga.  I listened to her, have been in the SDMO ever since and have given many people Rose’s same advice over the years!

3. Why did you stay? I LOVE it and the SDMO members!!  It lifts my spirit every week!!  It is food for my soul!!

Neil, never missed a rehearsal, even in Zoom with Teresa